Lunch In Nature
Thursday — September 15th, 2016

Lunch In Nature


Gatsby Summer Afernoon 2016


It was my second time attending the beautiful Gatsby Summer Afternoon in Oakland, CA at the Dunsmuir Estate and the weather was perfect. I usually think of this event as a rare chance to wear some of my oldest vintage from the 1920s, but I really wanted to bust out my 30s feather capelet so I went for a late 30s early 40s look.

30s ostrich feather capelet, 40s floral rayon gown: SF Vintage Expo
30s straw tilt: Poppycock Vintage
lavender gloves: Alameda antique fair







I came with my beautiful friend Andrea who brought the bright and sunny color in her fruit print dress and perfectly matched bakelite and Remix Vintage shoes. The dress was a score from Racks Vintage in Sacramento, and the hat from ebay.






I loved all the mingling and visiting of picnics with new and old friends alike.  The time flew by!




a vintage ladies meetup at the paramount

A bunch of vintage-loving Bay Area (and even Sacramento!) ladies have created a girl gang called The Vintage Style Council.  Our mission statement: dress fancy, drink cocktails, gab, and do fun things in beautiful places.  First meeting consisted of getting drinks at Fauna in Oakland then we walked over to The Paramount Theatre for the $5 movie night where they were playing the Hitchcock movie Notorious.  The Paramount is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE I have ever seen and it is legitimately one of the finest remaining examples of Art Deco design in the United States!



Here we all are in my most favorite area in the theatre – the ladies powder room!



I took a bunch of photos of the hand-painted walls made to look like wallpaper because it has become a dream to make my bedroom look like this room!


1940s dress: ebay; 40s shoes: Lucky Vintage in Seattle; 40s velvet turban: Sacramento antique fair

I just love having an excuse to get dressed up.  For instance this amazing dress I haven’t worn in a couple years!  It’s a 1940s dress with novelty print sleeves.  What a clever use for a small amount of amazing fabric!  


Terra of DuetVintage and Allyson of BirthdayLifeVintage.


Tina of VinesofCalifornia.  There are just too many good photo ops in this place!





It was a great night and we’re already planning or next meetup.  It’s always inspiring to meet awesome women who are entrepreneurs and creatives with mad style.  Hear, hear to more fancy times ahead!

a home sweet home thanksgiving

My boyfriend and I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time in our new home yesterday for 13 family and friends.

006 - Copy

I didn’t have much time to decorate but I remembered I had this 1940s silk scarf with a Thanksgiving theme. I loved having it on display. It’s such a piece of art.

009 - Copy

003 - Copy

I actually found our mix matched vintage glasses endearing.

013 - Copy

I didn’t know what I was going to wear, but I knew I had to continue my tradition of wearing this 1940s fall leaves hat. Here’s me wearing the hat in 2010, 2011 and 2014!


I went with a comfortable dress with fall colors (the belt came off before the feast, of course).


70s floral dress: Thunderhorse vintage in Sacramento (RIP)
1940s felt leaves NY Creation hat: ebay
Minnetonka Women’s Thunderbird Moccasin: via a shoe shop in Berkeley, CA
Bakelite bangles and ring: via ebay, thrifted and bought with trade credit at Relic Vintage
vintage handpainted shell Indian chief brooch: via The East Bay Center for Creative Reuse
vintage celluloid leaves earrings: from an antique mall in Beaverton, Oregon




Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday growing up and yesterday reminded me of why that is; being surrounded by loved ones and amazing food and drinks. Looking forward to many years to come of warm Thanksgivings in this home of ours. I hope my American readers had a great day as well. Now excuse me, I’m going to unpack all my Christmas decorations.


one of a thousand Rosie the Riveters

I forgot to share this on the blog, but back in August I participated in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of “The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as a Rosie the Riveter” in Richmond, CA with my friends Tina and Alice.  We broke the record that day with 1,084 women dressed as the famous WWII icon, with some in attendance who were real Rosies in the war!  Our record has already been beat in Michigan where 2,097 Rosies gathered, but this just means we’ll have some friendly competition for next year.






This photo doesn’t even capture all the Rosies who were there!  Here’s a nice little video about the event:


my sister’s wedding


I took a short and sweet trip to Oregon to go to my sister’s small but beautiful wedding.  It was held at the gorgeous Jenkins Estate near Beaverton, OR and it could not have been a more perfect day.

1940s floral rayon gown with matching capelet: SF Vintage Expo score
Suede Heels: Seychelles via Amazon
1920s lapis ring: gift from my boyfriend via the Midway Antique Mall in Sacramento
1920s lapis bracelet: Ebay








The ruching, the sleeves, the print, the MATCHING CAPELET! When I found it at the Vintage Expo I knew it would be the dress I wore to this wedding. And hopefully many more, because I need more excuses to wear it.  Can you decipher what flower is featured in this print?  I asked on Instagram and hibiscus got the most votes, but morning glory was a close second.  What’s your guess?


October Wedding



October in the West has become the new Spring.  It seems like SO MANY weddings were scheduled this month.  Maybe with global warming October is becoming the nicest weather option.  Who knows the reason, but I went to 2 weddings in 1 week this month!  I was excited to attend my friend Alicia’s wedding at the Falkirk Mansion in San Rafael, CA.  Not only is San Rafael my hometown, but I have many a memory of visits to this iconic San Rafael Victorian.  It was a delight to revisit the mansion, and party in it!  Now that I own a Victorian house I’m especially interested in how these historic homes are decorated.  I was Ooo-ing and Ahh-ing over this mansion’s stained glass windows and PINEAPPLE WALLPAPER!!!!  WHAT!!!



The bride and groom were beautiful, and sadly I wasn’t able to get a good photo of them.  It seemed the professional photographers were doing a really good job, so I didn’t make much attempts to get shots of the happy couple.  But I assure you, the bride was GORGEOUS in a dress she made herself from SCRATCH!  Insane.

Sheer mesh navy blue 50s dress with applique: Etsy via Cut & Paste Vintage
40s/50s wide brim hat with leaf cut-outs: Benicia Antique Mall
Suede Heels: Seychelles via Amazon
Custom chain-stitched embroidered cluth: Vines of California
Abalone ring/bracelet: ebay

I don’t know about you guys, but weddings have become a great excuse to buy a new dress!  Ha ha, well that’s what I told myself.  When I saw this dress first on Instagram I just went absolutely weak.  I also told myself it was a birthday present to myself.  Oh the excuses we make for vintage!


IMG_2071   IMG_2084IMG_2114

I had just gotten a hair cut and I like how pixie-esque it’s looking in this bathroom selfie. I also had to document the wallpaper in this bathroom, it was just too sweet.


I was excited for the hat-portunity of an outdoor wedding!  I even got Ben to wear one with me.



I’m looking forward to playing around with this sheer dress.  So many different ways to wear it with different colored slips and underthings!


Stay tuned, I got another wedding post coming soon!

new specs

I don’t care if Gucci put big, thick-rimmed plastic framed glasses on their 2015 Fall ready-to-wear runway show.  I’m OVER IT!  I’m over the ironic bad glasses that must be fashion forward.  I tried them, but they just aren’t flattering!  I’m genuinely surprised the trend has lasted as long as it has.  But for someone like me, a ranting old lady, there is a real lack of glasses that AREN’T of that variety that are available for purchase online or even in store.  When Firmoo offered me a pair of glasses for review, I did scroll a few pages before I found ones that were the closest to what I’ve been pining for – a 1930s frame style.


I’m really pleased with the frames, and it’s refreshing to not have a huge hunk of plastic hanging on my face.


These photos were taken at the International Rose Test Garden in Portland, Oregon – the oldest official, continuously operated public rose test garden in the United States.  My family traipsed the garden the day after my sister’s wedding.


Hawaiian dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Earrings: Tarina Tarantino via Boutique Classique in Vallejo, CA
Watch: c/o Jord



*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

old finery


I haven’t shared any photos of my new old house.  Before we moved in I daydreamed of being in the house dressed in vintage loungewear, dripping in old finery.  I envisioned floating across the hardwood floors in a kimono and silk slippers, wearing nylon frilly nightgowns and quilted bed jackets.  I’ll admit there are plenty of days I’m in yoga pants and cotton tees, but there are definitely the times when I’m carrying a cocktail in something akin to what I’m wearing here – 1920s Chinese silk pajamas via etsy, 1930s mint green silk and lace bed jacket via the Sacramento antique fair, and a scarf worn as a turban.


Here’s an insta-roundup of little slices of home:











Yes, that’s my porch and my little Napa River & Mt. Tam view.  It’s the start of a good life here, a real dream come true.


Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2015

It was my first time attending the Art Deco Society’s Gatsby Summer Afternoon and it did not disappoint! In fact it was really rough returning to work in a cubicle on Monday in my bike-to-work schlumpiness.  Everything is so ugly after Gatsby!  I almost didn’t appreciate it enough while I was there, being around so much BEAUTY!


The amazingness of what I wore really looks better in motion, so I made a GIF!  These photos were taken on my new porch before I left for Gatsby.  I was so excited to finally wear a genuine 1920s silk dress that I found at Goodwill for 8 freakin’ dollars!!!! It required wearing a bra that minimized my bust, but oh so worth it.


1920s hot pink dress: thrifted at Goodwill
bust minimizing bra: Soma Intimates
six suspender garter belt: Rago, with vintage stockings
1920s embroidered and ribbonwork straw cloche: RubyLane
velvet millinery flower sash: ebay
vintage parasol: bought with trade credit at Buffalo Exchange
1920s lapis ring: gift from boyfriend; and lapis bracelet: ebay
MIA heels: Bunny’s Shoes, Santa Cruz
lip: Strawberry Kissed, Sephora lip stain
antique fan and purse: flea market


Every year the Gatsby picnic is held at the beautiful Dunsmuir Hellman Estate in Oakland, CA.  I was able to tour the inside of the huge mansion, and sneak some photos.







My friend Andrea was my Gatsby tour guide.  She’s attended the event regularly, and also knew some people at picnics we could crash.  After drinking some bourbon offered from a vintage seller friend I told Andrea that I was hoping Gatsby would be a fancy equivalent to Burning Man, where people share food and libations.  And sure enough it was.  This is MY Burning Man!!!





This guy was giving personality tests from a 1920s era book.  It was hilarious, and I was actually amazed at how accurate my result was (except for the Mussolini part, ha ha!).  I need to find this book for dinner party fun!






At one point I saw Tziporah Salamon walk by and I called out, “I love you!  I follow you on Instagram!”  And then I literally followed her to get a picture with her.  She was totally sweet and said we did the whole Gatsby thing way better out here than in New York.  I was able to thank her for all the inspiration she has given me.  Like the beautiful ribbon she has tied to the pant leg of her 1920s Asian pajamas…. this is her bike riding outfit!  I’m totally stealing that idea.


You can officially call me a Gatsby convert, that event is straight-up MAGICAL! I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!


vintage girl bike style

jord watch bike 009

A couple months ago I moved 25 miles North to the top of the Bay.  I knew was in for a lifestyle change becoming a homeowner, but I was a bit ill-prepared on how it would effect my personal style.  I used to drive to work daily, which meant I could dress up to my heart’s content, and wear shoes that click clacked down the office hallway.  Now I bike and take the ferry to the office, having bought a cheap men’s bike off Craigslist to use for my commute. The non step-through frame means I can’t wear my usual go-to of circle skirts and dresses. I have to wear items like *GASP* pants and *ANOTHER GASP* cotton t-shirts.  It’s been a struggle to find the right outfits that still make me feel like me.

jord watch bike 028

Luckily I’m starting to get a bit more savvy in the commuter style department.  I felt pretty good in this number, being that it was mostly vintage.  And something I need to remember is that red lipstick ALWAYS makes me feel glamorous, no matter what I’m wearing!

Blouse: Vintage from Held Over on Haight
50s jeans: from OLL FB group
Sunflower print sneakers: Vans
Bakelite rings and bangles: various sources – from Ebay, to Relic Vintage on Haight
Wood watch: Fieldcrest in Maple, c/o Jord
Backpack: Jansport
Sunglasses: Prada knockoffs from a shop in Alameda

jord watch bike 068

I might as well call that backpack vintage, because it’s my backpack from high school!  All original patches from that era of my life!  And FYI Jansport has a lifetime guarantee.  I had kept this for a long time even when the zipper broke because it was special to me with all those patches sewn on.  When I learned about their guarantee I sent it in to Jansport and they fixed it for free!  I love that I’m able to use it again.

jord watch bike 074

It was also great timing when Jord asked if I wanted to review one of their watches for my blog.  Now that I have ferries to catch, I needed a timepiece that I could wear daily that would go with everything.  I couldn’t be happier with the watch I chose, the maple Fieldcrest. I love that it is subtle yet boldly unique. Their sizing instructions made it easy to ensure a perfect fit.

jord watch bike 078

Any ideas on what I can wear on the bike? Lately I’ve been eyeing 1960s scooter dresses with the built-in shorts. And I’ve even been searching for 1980s jumpsuits! Here’s to new sartorial challenges in life!


*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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