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Mary Van DAAAMN!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

mary after one rum drink

waterfall in the cove

the gloves

the hat

smuggler's cove

the dress

All photos by Sylvain Niles

Dress: Ray’s Ragtime in Portland, OR
Hat: Vintage Pink in Portland, OR
Gloves: My stepmother’s aunt
Stockings: ebay
Shoes: Delia’s (I’ve had them since high school!)


The Best Comics of 2009 You Probably Don’t Know

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

I see a lot of comedy throughout the year.  A lot of bad Michael Phelps smoking pot jokes and sex with [insert race here] jokes, but every now and again people blow me away, and make me laugh like crazy.  You probably don’t know these people, but you should.

1. Ali Wong

What I love most about Ali is that she has major balls–she says what we’re afraid to say, or don’t even notice.   And in general, I think that’s what people like most about stand-up comedy: comedians speaking the honest truth, being raw and absolutely hilarious.

I couldn’t find a more recent clip, but this is a great bit of hers:

Watch her on MTV on Jan 1 at 2pm, the new show Hatin’. Visit Ali’s website for more info.

2. Brent Weinbach

What can I say?  This guy is always on my favorite list.  Why?  Because every year he makes me laugh. This year it was new bits like gay train, feet nuts, and smooth jazz that got me crying from laughing so hard.

Here’s Brent working on a dramatic scene:

Brent’s website.

3. Moshe Kasher

Again, a consistent favorite of mine, because I’m always excited to see him live.  This guy can do no material and still kill.

Moshe’s website.

4. Sean Patton

I was a lucky girl this last November when I got to hang around this guy.  One of the funniest and sweetest guys, who can do a Southern gentleman accent like no other.  He made me laugh on-stage and off.

Sean’s Myspace.

5. TJ Miller

I was lucky enough to perform with this guy in SF Sketchfest last January.  The guy is incredibly funny, ridiculously funny.

The guy even got a leading role in the upcoming Yogi the Bear movie because of this audition tape:

TJ apparently doesn’t have a website.

6. April Richardson

I saw April in Los Angeles during my Pumpkin Penis Tour and enjoyed watching her perform for the second time.  She has a really nice conversational, storyteller approach to comedy but what I love most is how much I can relate to her material.  I about died over her bit about a strip club for women where men put on suits. LOVE!

Here’s a clip of her performing at the UCB Theater (and wearing a dress I totally love):

April’s website.

7. Ryan Singer

I still haven’t seen this guy live, but his Andy Kaufman award submission video blew my mind and also got stuck in my head.   Is it your mind or your brain that wants these things?   Or is it your body?

Ryan’s site.

8. Reggie Watts

I’ve posted about this guy repeatedly.   It seems every few days I crave some fuck shit stack.   If you ever have the chance to see this guy live (and you will if you live in San Francisco Jan 14-16) GO!  He’s incredible to watch.  This clip shows the kind of craziness you can expect:

Reggie Watts at UCB LA

Reggie’s site.

9. Josh Fadem

Josh Fadem is insane.  He had the set of the festival at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival this year when he crawled underneath the stage, and crawled out the theater… the stage and all.  He’s one of those, YOU HAD TO BE THERE! comics.

He’s super physical:

Josh’s Myspace.

10. Natasha Leggero

This woman is always a pleasure to see. I got to see her perform in LA where she laid across a piano and ripped into a woman sitting in the front who was texting on her cell.

Natasha’s site.