Mary Van DAAAMN!

mary after one rum drink

waterfall in the cove

the gloves

the hat

smuggler's cove

the dress

All photos by Sylvain Niles

Dress: Ray’s Ragtime in Portland, OR
Hat: Vintage Pink in Portland, OR
Gloves: My stepmother’s aunt
Stockings: ebay
Shoes: Delia’s (I’ve had them since high school!)



  1. Sunday

    Looks to me like a whole world of good looking clothing is coming from Portland nowadays. Give Niles a high-five for me, these pics are classy as hell.

  2. Mary Van Note

    Hells to the yeah, Sunday. I get all my best stuff from Portland, swear to gawd. I will high-five him for you… it’s nice to get some fancy photos for a change… and a different setting instead of the hallway in my crappy apt building with my digital camera on a tripod.

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    […] the day Portland was my vintage mecca and I found some amazing pieces there that remain some of my favorites in my wardrobe.  It’s been a while since I’ve been back.  Last time I visited was […]