Fashion Forestry Collars

I collaborated with Nicole Eymard of Fashion Forestry in making this video promoting her amazing Folk Woodland Collars for sale on Etsy.  I hope you enjoy it.  Watch how messy my hair gets from changing in and out of so many clothes!





    You do well my girl. That is what I call a friend. The collars are wonderfullllllllllll,and so are youuuuuuuuuuuuu.
    Love the video.

  2. Mary Van Note

    Thank you, Sacramento!

  3. Bex

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  4. Autumn Luciano

    Wow that must have taken some time! Very cool idea though.
    I have a package put together for you! I just need to wait till I have some extra dough to ship it, but keep your eye out! (o:

  5. Mary Van Note

    You’re awesome, Autumn!!!

  6. The Clothes Horse

    Oh, that video is so awesome! The collars are definitely so cool too.

  7. Mary Van Note

    Thanks Rebecca!

  8. Josie

    Great video the collars looked great on you too!!