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eh… WTF. I made cookies.

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Yes, I am that person.   I totally made WTF cookies for Marc Maron.  I handed them to him after his show at the Sacramento Punch Line.

eh... WTF cookies


WTF cookies



the buttons

I’m wearing one of my new pairs of glasses I got for freebies from during their 10,000 free pairs of glasses giveaway promotion.  Getting the free glasses made the $210 optometry visit (to get the glasses prescription) less painful.

I’m wearing a 1940s dress I got from Etsy.   Originally it had buttons that I didn’t like on it.   So I picked up these amazing 1940s glass doggie buttons from General Bead in San Francisco.  Now, the dress is perfect. : )

1940s dress: Etsy seller Treasure Cache
Purple tights: do not remember where I got them
boots: Aldo
40s doggie buttons: General Bead

p.s. If you still don’t know what WTF is, check it out.  It’s a completely addicting podcast that I love ever so much.