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puppets, friends and a 50s dress

Friday, March 11th, 2011

Last Saturday night I met up with some friends and went to an amazing puppet show.  I say puppet show, but it’s more like puppet theater.  The piece was called Hobo Grunt Cycle by Lone Wolf Tribe and it was part of the San Francisco Fringe Festival.

The Hobo Grunt Cycle - 1
(source:  insky on flickr)

The play illustrates the connections between illegal dog fighting and war, and the hierarchies of circus performers and military personnel. It was beautiful, sad, magical and tragic – all-around moving and inspiring. Lone Wolf Tribe’s aesthetic is so inventive and what they do with the puppet art form is incredible.  I really hope to be able to see more of them soon (they’re based in Brooklyn).  You can follow them on facebook here.

This is the video I saw that got me interested in their work:

After the show I brought my boyfriend, Nick, and Nicole to a bar in North Beach and  met up with the lovely Marie of Agent Lover.

marie mad and mary mad

It was a short visit with Marie, but it was so great to see her. It’s crazy how quick the 2 years went by from the last time I saw her. I told her I wanted in on the next Madonna Inn jaunt.

SF March 2011

By the way, Nicole was wearing this dress from the Summer 2011 collection by Italian designer Vivetta:

Vivetta - Summer 2011

It was KILLING me. I love that piece so crazy much!

I was wearing a cute vintage 50s dress. I neglected to get an outfit pic that night, so I wore it again today and took some photos.





50s dress: American Vintage
shoes: thrifted
scarf: Ray’s Ragtime in Portland, OR