I had the opportunity to dress up twice for NYE celebrations.  On Friday night I performed at Snob Theater at The Dark Room Theater in San Francisco.  These photos were taken backstage.  For this evening, I wore a 1940s evening gown. It has stains, but I still love it and thought a night like this would be a great time to wear it, kind of a one night only dress before I try to fix it, dye it, etc.  There’s one stain on the front you can see near the sequins, and more on the back of the dress.  But, I think the low-light atmosphere helped to conceal them.  A lot of the comics there said I looked like the statue of liberty.  I took the liberty to wear a stained dress because it’s still awesome.  : )



(can someone tell me why I’m getting these corrupted pics?)







1940s evening gown: ebay (I love the sequins detail, how it wraps around the hips, and the ruching right under the sequin swirls.  So beautiful!)
1930s wax flower bridal tiara: ebay
vintage gloves: gift
heels: Pour La Victoire
vintage seamed stockings: garage sale
vintage sequin coat: Costume Party, SF



  1. Hannah

    Oh that is a proper femme fatale gown and the head dress is just amazing, you look beautiful x

  2. Kelly-Marie

    Oh Mary you look so beautiful! That dress is heavenly, I can’t believe that beading detail, so unusual. I think you look a little like a Greek goddess, that’s never a bad thing. x

  3. Zane

    beautiful photos

  4. Miss Tallulah Porkchop

    LOVIN’ that tiara!

  5. dakota

    Wow, that dress is amazing!! Who cares about some li’l old stains with all those glorious sequins. You do look very goddess-y!

  6. mariebayarea

    WOW! A gal could seriously get married in this…Love the hair art.