What You Get When You Ask Mary How She Is
February 13th, 2012

What You Get When You Ask Mary How She Is

This happened a couple months ago.  I’ve been trying to be positive and not complain too much about my life to acquaintances.  I thought my honesty would be endearing, but it’s more like Debbie Downer just entered the vicinity.  Plus I need to remember when all else fails, ask them how they’re doing!  This has been Conversation 101 with Mary Van Note.


  1. Jan

    Thanks for the lesson. Some time ago I bought a book for autistic kids because it might help me understand the unwritten rules of conversation. Haven’t found time to read it yet, but this reminds me I should.

    Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Andi B. Goode

    Yep – I usually just opt for the ‘yeah, fine…you?’ instead of the truth. Or things would get awkward. 🙁
    -Andi x


    You are so magic in your min shade, dear mary.

  4. Hannah

    Aha yeah I was only discussing this the other day with a work friend, wouldn’t it be funny if everyone actually said how they really felt? Why do people ask when they really don’t want to hear if it is bad hah. So yeah I can relate xxx

  5. Katrina

    Oh this really made me smile) I tend to do that myself because I don`t lie so I understand the awkwardness.


  6. ariane

    Hi Mary,

    I do not say much when ask how are you, i say fine and you – I keep my stuff for myself or if i have to say more than fine it usually good friends who can take it!

    Love, love your blog Mary, such beautiful outfits

    Ariane xxxx