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vintage 60s knit/crochet dress with balloon sleeves and high neck: Hattie’s Vintage, Portland
saddle shoes: Payless, thrifted
floral socks: H&M last year
60s enamel daisies clip on earrings worn as broochs: from my mom (the clip on earrings fit perfectly through the lace crochet and don’t fall out!)
flower bouquet purse: Nicole Eymard

This is the dress I was obsessing over when I went to Portland in January.  I saw it at a vintage shop, didn’t buy it, and when I went back to buy it the store was closed and I was leaving the next day.  Luckily the shop owner was kind enough to take my credit card over the phone and ship it to me.  It seems every time I go to Portland there’s one item I don’t buy and end up obsessing over endlessly.  The last one was a knit 50s suit that I paid my sister to buy and send to me.  And much like that suit, this 60s yellow knit dress I’ve worn tons since I got it.  It’s the perfect spring dress to wear in this in between time where it’s a bit nippy but nice out.

Ben and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary this past weekend.  We went to the huge book sale at Fort Mason (where everything’s a dollar and benefits the SF friends of the library), had sushi and went to where we went to on our first date, my favorite place, Musee Mecanique.  We took a photobooth pic on our first date, so we’ve gotten one for each anniversary so far.  Hopefully we’ll have quite a stack of photobooth pics in the future!

photobooth 4/1/12




    Gorgeou, gorgeous, gorgeousssssssssssssss

  2. kelly-Marie

    Happy Anniversary! I adore this outfit you are Pastel perfection, Nicoles bag is the perfect accessorie for it. Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.

  3. Crystal Lee

    I love 60s knit dresses. They are sol flattering on the figure. You look great! I have similar one in red, but it doesn’t have the wonderful balloon sleeves that yours does. Congrats on your anniversary. The Musee Mecanique is the perfect date place.

  4. Hannah

    Beautiful dress love the detailing on the cuffs. Happy Anniversary! xxx

  5. Toshiko

    What a darling knit dress!

  6. Maple Trueheart

    I like your dress and I admire Nicoles bags since long. You’ve chosen a very pretty one that matches your dress perfectly. Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary and many happy returns.