i heart vintage swim caps

Nicole posted this amazing video on Facebook:

Can you believe that swim cap with faux bangs attached!?!  I want all of them!  And the fashion show taking place in a puppet stage?  Genius.  Watching this video made me go on a vintage swim cap search and I thought I’d share some amazing pieces that are out there for sale right now and a lot of them are from the same brand that is featured in that video: Kleinert’s.

The items on ebay I can’t swipe the photos but check out this cute pink one with a circles design, and black and white flower one, and 60s aqua blue ruffle one, yellow fringe one, amazing flower one and another flower one, those last four are all by Kleinert’s.  Check out this 1963 Kleinert’s ad also on sale on ebay:


And this ad from 1919 for sale on ecrater:

Here are some gems from Etsy that are mostly from the 60s:

1960s Spiky Flower Swim Cap by Fashy

Vintage 60s Swim Cap in groovy Pink Green and Orange

1960s Unused Retro Flower Power Swim Cap Kleinert’s Sava-Wave with Original packaging

Vintage swim cap in turquoise blue with ruffles and pleats

Vintage 50s Sea Siren Swim Cap with Flowers

protect your locks…VINTAGE salmon pink // coral SWIM or bathing CAP

Vintage Bathing Cap – Luscious Lime Take a Dive

Save The Hair Great Jantzen Swim Bathing Cap For Summer

swim/shower cap, black n white

And check out this amazing one:
Kleinert’s Vintage Bathing Cap Bright Pink Hair Like
which I totally just bought right now because I love it too much : P  I always wanted pink hair, and now I can fool people at the gym!

And you can even find modern made caps in the vintage style like these for sale on amazon:

Pink W/White Flowers Vintage Style Latex Swim Bathing Cap

Vintage Style Colorful Petals Latex Swim Bathing Cap



  1. Mary P.

    holy moly. that video is just….it’s just. fabulous. – caps and all. I have that zippy “doot doot doot doot”…music playing in my head now. Also, Is it just me or were you creeped out by that puppet in general and the part where he pours water from a watering can over her head? Thank you for sharing both the video and your swim cap finds.

  2. Mary Van Note

    Thanks for the comment, Mary. Yep. Someone else pointed how creepy that is in the comments on youtube. It’s definitely wrong.