birthday girl

Can I still call myself a birthday girl when I’m pushing on the big 3-0?  Well, I indulged myself in some child-ish birthday wishes this year when my boyfriend’s mom asked me what kind of cake I wanted.  After her son chose an ice cream cake shaped like a castle for himself a few months ago…

castle ice cream cake

… I knew I wanted something fun for my birthday, too.   A Minnie Mouse cake!  Now, I had a great childhood, and great birthdays, but I can’t recall ever getting a birthday cake handmade with such love and care as this.


Isn’t it just the cutest?  And it tasted great, too.  Of course I had to dress for the occasion in my most Minnie-est of dresses.




This 30s red polka dot dress is a Mary Van Note classic as it was the dress I took my first comedy promo photos in, which you can see over on MySpace (ha ha, that’s how long I’ve had this dress!).   I wore my Minnie Mouse pin I’ve had since I was a little girl, too.

There’s the genius cake baker, Joan.



It was a great night.  Today’s my real birthday and I’m looking forward to celebrating it with some beers and laughs at the comedy club.  The good news is I’m not 30.  The bad news is that I have exactly ONE YEAR left to accomplish everything I had hoped to accomplish in my 20s.  So I guess within 365 days I need to publish my novel, write and sell a screenplay, get a TV set, have an hour special, record a comedy record, produce two short films, write and publish a graphic novel, get an amazing dream job, travel the globe, star as a kooky sidekick in a sitcom and movie, somehow get on SNL, make a couple million dollars to be able to buy my dream house, get married, and start a family.  Whew.  Well, here’s hoping that I can at least get a good day job to be able to support some of those dreams.  Wish me luck, folks!



  1. Charmaine

    Whoa, awesomeness overload! First off – happy birthday! How exciting. Second – that dress is adorbs, and third – that CAKE. Your boyfriend’s mother must LOVE you. I hope you get everything you’re working towards and hoping for!

  2. Hannah

    Happy Birthday beautiful lady, you look about 12 in the third from last shot. The dress is so adorable as is the cake. You deserve to be on SNL for sure, I constantly hum the song you did for your burlesque sketch, its my seducing technique for sure xxxxx

  3. Danielle

    Happy birthday, Mary! What a fantastic cake! I love the cake & dress combo.

  4. Jessica Cangiano

    Happiest birthday wishes, darling Mary! May your year ahead sparkle and abound with everything that your heart desires.

    Love this darling polka dot dress and Minnie Mouse pin – you’re such a cutie pie!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Dakota

    Happy Birthday!!!! What a cuuute celebration… one can never be too old for polka dots and a Minnie cake!
    Oh, and my birthday was yesterday… vintage Libras unite!


    Happy Birthday, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh You are a baby.
    Life begins at 40, I tell you so hurry I will be waiting in my 50s, lol.
    Much love and admiration always, my gorgeous friend.

  7. Miss Tallulah Porkchop

    LOL @ your bf’s castle cake – love it.

    If you ever LOSE YOUR MIND and want to sell that dress – sell it to me.

    Geez Louise. What do I want to achieve before I hit 40? I am so boring: have a couple of kids, pay off my credit card, be a small business owner, get at least one more tattoo, have at least one o/s trip.

  8. wardrobe experience

    happpy belsted birthday! love your brthday dress.

  9. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I’ll be turning 29 in a little over a couple weeks myself. I have a hard time coping with the idea that I have a little over a year before 30. I hope you had a really wonderful day as you ate that cute cake.

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