my DIY Comme Des Garcons blanket trench

It’s 2012 but I’ve still been heavily obsessing over the Comme des Garcons Fall 2009 collection.  Specifically the blanket trench:

comme-des-garcons-cropped-trench-with-plaid-cape-fall 2009

Luckily it’s a completely DIY-able design.  I got some inspiration photos here, and saw that Elizabeth of White Lightning made one for herself.  I went thrifting in search of a trench and a blanket.   I found a good fitting trench, but a wool blanket was actually hard for me to find.  I found this reversible cape/poncho thing in the blanket section and thought it would be good since most of the work was done for me.


And here’s the outcome:





What I didn’t realize with the cape is that the silhouette wouldn’t be the same as the Comme des Garcons coat, and there are definitely some imperfections, but for not being an experienced sewer I was super duper pleased and proud of myself with this and I’ve pretty much worn it non-stop since I made it.  I love it!  Doing a DIY like this has really opened my eyes to what’s possible to make yourself.  Now I feel I can go into thrift stores and keep my eyes open for things I can re-work and re-imagine.  Are there any past collections from designers that you are ceaselessly obsessing over?



  1. garconniere

    so creative! personally my sewing skills are limited to patching/mending/buttons but i admire your skills here.

    in terms of designer DIYs i would love to try my hand at, i immediately daydream of some of schiaparelli’s designs… the painted nail gloves, the shoe hat, the lobster dress… the telephone compact! would take a lot of patience and effort but maybe one day i’ll at least make one of them happen.

    also, i have the same heels as you! love them.

  2. Mary Van Note

    Yes! Schiaparelli is on my to-somehow-re-create list. In fact I tried learning to knit so I could make my own Schiaparelli bow knot sweater. SIGH! Aren’t skilled enough yet to pull that off. Too bad we don’t live closer bc we could have a Schiaparelli DIY night!
    I love the heels. I was stoked to find them at a secondhand store recently.

  3. nicoleneedles

    That is great! Well done – would never guess you were a sewing novice.


    You take my breath away with your creations, Mary, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Jessica Cangiano

    So terrifically creative! You look stylish and cozy in one fell swoop, and that’s always a very good thing indeed!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Franca

    Awesome! brilliant job!

  7. wardrobe experience

    great diy project. i especially love the back of the trench-cape.

  8. dabivintage

    great look!in love<3 kisses from Italy

  9. kelly-Marie

    Wow! You clever thing! I am so impressed. Before I read the text I actually thought that this was a pst about you getting a Comme Des Garcons blanket trench! Hehe 🙂 I can not wait to see what else you come up with.

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