new shades for the homeless girl








60s dress: Sacramento Antique Fair, $5
60s cape: thrifted, $3
tights: old
60s heels: thrifted, $5
safari tapestry purse: thrifted, $3
*prescription sunglasses: c/o Firmoo

For the longest time I’ve been wearing an old pair of totally non-stylish glasses with clip on sunglasses when I drive or when I’m out in the bright sun. Now, thanks to Firmoo, I have a super stylin’ pair of shades to wear.   If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know I’m broke poor and don’t have benefits, so when there are companies like Firmoo who offer free glasses (yes, you can get free glasses on your first order!) it’s a godsend.

I apologize for not blogging for so long.  I’ve been busy working, commuting/traveling… all that fun stuff.   I’m kind of homeless and living out of suitcases so my outfits lately haven’t been as planned or calculated, and in a way that’s when some fun combinations happen that you wouldn’t think of.  But I’m definitely tired of not having a solid routine or home and I hope that will all get sorted out sooner than later.   But on the bright side I’m really happy with my new day job and excited about being back in the Bay Area.  Riding so much public transportation has allowed me to dive into a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while, Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion.  I seriously have been trying to bring it up in conversation with anyone.  It’s one of those books you wish everyone would read because the world would be a better place.

*Firmoo sent me these glasses to review on the blog.  I’m also not totally homeless, I’ve been staying with family, and I rented a sublet room for about 10 days or so, but you know what I mean.



  1. kelly-Marie

    Congratulations on your new job Mary, I hope you find somewhere to live and get settled soon. We are in the middle of a massive move ourselves so know exactly how you feel.

  2. Jessica Cangiano

    You look fantastic! Round glasses don’t work on my face shape at all (it’s scary how much they don’t), which is a shame because of how prevalent they were in the 30s and 40s (especially for sunnies), but goodness, do they look stellar on you!

    I really hope that you’ll soon be able to get more settled and not feel “homeless”, dear Mary. I know what that can be like and how taxing it gets on the soul after a while.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hannah

    Those glasses are amazing, perfect shape on you. As is the shawl. Good luck with all your commuting, and moving. I know how hard it is to find work! xxx



  5. Jan

    You look dashing in that blue dress with those shades! In Dutch, there’s the expression “je ziet eruit om te stelen”. (your looks could make people want to steal you) Bravo!
    Good luck with your new job and relocation!

  6. Dakota

    Total Edith Head vibes with your new sunnies… I love it!!! (Although you look significantly cuter than the rather austere Ms Head!)

  7. Mary Van Note

    WOW @Dakota I straight-up look like her! Crazy!

  8. Helga

    I’m really rather irritable with envy over that KILLER frock.And the cape……grrr
    Yay for a new job, and for being where you want to be.I’m sure you’ll find a fabularse abode before too long,and then you’ll be all settled.
    Those are pretty fab shades.I have to wear glasses for driving,and wear the most ghastly sunnies over the top.I suspect I need to check out this Firmoo (or is that firm poo?!

  9. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    YEY! I love Firmoo and my glasses are from them too. Your outfit is amazing! I love how they are involved in fashion blogging too. So fun, right??

  10. Charmaine

    I completely agree with you about Overdressed! I read it in university and it blew me away. I love the tapestry bag, and am excited to hear about your new job/place/life once you are settled down xxx

  11. wardrobe experience

    i could go green (in this case propably ‘blue’) with envy becvause of this silor inspired dress. …


    My dearest Mary, it feels like Christmas when I get a comment from you, my delicious friend.

  13. Marla

    Adorable dress.

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