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Enchanted Tiki Room Poster

Disneyland’s The Enchanted Tiki Room turns 50 this year!  I was lucky enough to go to a fun event at The Walt Disney Family Museum that was co-presented by Tiki Oasis.  Obviously tiki themed, there were tons of ladies and gents in their vintage Hawaiian best!  And best of all, the museum was open to explore into the evening hours.  And there were cocktails from Smuggler’s Cove and even a Dole Whip booth!





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Post #tiki night at the #waltdisneymuseum so much fun! Didn't want it to end! Blog post to come... An orchid garnished every cocktail : )

1960s Hawaiian maxi dress, purse: thrifted
hair flower: stolen off a bush (shhh!)
dark blue bangle: estate sale
light blue carved bangle: bohemian bisoux
mother of pearl bangle, abalone ring: ebay
wooden flower ring: my grandmother’s
50s Wilma Flinestone-esque necklace: Moon Zoom Vintage, San Jose
50s raffia slides: for sale in my etsy shop

It was fun to see so many people dressed up.  There were a bunch of women in similar style 60s maxis like mine, and I wish I could’ve orchestrated a stylish group photo!  I saw 40s rayon Hawaiian maxis, a 50s black velvet hand painted tiki skirt, and a woman wearing the most amazing burlap vest and skirt combo that had images of Snow White on it from the 50s!  I wanted to take photos of these lovely ladies but didn’t want to come off as a creep.  I definitely regret not asking to take a picture.  Must get over shyness to approach awesome vintage ladies!

It goes without saying that I had a great time and I didn’t want the evening to end.  I really enjoyed seeing the museum, it was my first time there.  I have to go back though since I didn’t even get to see it all!  And I have to say that walking through the end of the exhibit gave me chills.  It’s that good.



An early drawing by Walt Disney.

I was gawking over some of the vintage wallpaper used on some of the exhibits:

Lily, Walt’s wife, on the left.


The museum is really impressive. It has some of the most beautifully designed and high tech displays I have ever seen in a museum:

Using an old phone as a way to hear audio was such a clever idea, a great way to immerse the time period within the functionality of the display itself.

Roy and Walt in front of their first studio.


The museum holds a great collection of original art and old Disney merchandise and memorabilia.
The earliest known drawing of Mickey Mouse.


1934 boxed jewelry set. Pictured in this ad:

1934 Mickey Mouse phonograph!


There’s also currently a really great Maurice Sendak exhibit that I got to see, as well. Did you know that Maurice Sendak was inspired to do illustration from seeing Fantasia as a child?  It’s true.
Maurice Sendak art for the Spike Jonze 2009 film.

I was overjoyed to find the Mary Blair section of the museum.  Including a floor design based off of Mary Blair’s It’s a Small World art that will now forever be in my dream house floor files.



Who doesn’t want this in their house? COME ON!!!!

So I hadn’t heard of this event until it was already sold out, so I was SO lucky that my talented friend Uni and Her Ukelele was performing for the event and I got to get in on her guest list.

Uni above and the gang below.

In conclusion, get your butt over to the Walt Disney Museum. I know that visiting the museum really made me want to go to Disneyland again. What’s your favorite ride at Disneyland? What Disney cartoon is your favorite?



  1. Shauna

    Wow love your 1960s Hawaiian dress! I have never been to Disneyland but I am desperate to go and your post makes me want to go even more!

  2. Jessica Cangiano

    Ohhh Mary, you look so splendidly lovely, summery and sweet! I adore your tropical maxi dress and that cheerful matching necklace – perfect outfit for what sounds like it was a marvelous fun day.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Tina Vines

    These photos are great, I love your hair! I can’t wait to go to the museum one of these days & I’m going to keep my eye out for more events there!

  4. Charmaine

    Looks like a fun party! I love your photos, especially the one of you with the Golden Gate Bridge behind you. Parties at museums/galleries are always great.

  5. Danielle

    Oh my gaaaawwwwssshhhhh, that would’ve been so fun to attend! Disney, tiki and Dole Whip! You look gorgeous. Love the Camille Rose Garcia wall in the last photo! I’d love to go to that museum one day, wow.

    My friends are going to Tiki Oasis next month and I’m so jealous… of course it’s during my first week back to work!

  6. Louise

    That long blue dress looks absolutely amazing!

    Ps: i’m doing a fashion-related survey for my dissertation, 5 mins, much much help ♥ https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2SQNKSV

  7. Polly Bland

    I wish I could go! That looks like a blast!!! 🙂

    love, polly

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