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Our friends got married a couple weekends ago and the wedding was FUN.  Camping was involved – in a beautiful spot on this vineyard with a little lake.  There was fireworks, dancing, bonfires, and ghost stories.  It was actually the first time Ben and I have been camping since we’ve been together, and it’s got me excited for more weekend camping trips with friends.







1990s rayon dress: thrifted
sandals: Payless
1940s pink horsehair hat with purple velvet ribbon: TheMadHatLady etsy shop
abalone pendant necklace: antique store in Santa Cruz
bakelite bangles: thrifted, ebay
abalone ring: ebay

Knowing I would be camping I brought my easy 1990s dress.  It’s a good thing I did, too, because when I was chasing a runaway roll of paper towels to save it from falling into the lake, I ended up falling in myself!   Could you imagine if I slid in the mud, into the water in some 1940s perfection?   It’s for this reason that I keep my eyes peeled for these 90s frocks at thrift stores.  They’ve become throw-on staples for work, play, travel.  Even their odd mid-calf lengths have grown on me.






I adored the DIY/thrift store vibe of the wedding decor; handmade gingham bunting, daisies and sunflowers, and the pick-a-mug-to-drink-from-and-keep table.  I managed to take home a couple cute vintage mugs.  The tables were decorated with quirky thrift store finds, coordinated by color.  I loved how personal the touches were, such a reflection of the quirky and fun couple.




The view from our tent in the morning.  I loved seeing the steam rise from the lake.  Gorgeous.



  1. Elisa

    What a great idea for a wedding and you look adorable! Your ‘Jesus’ photo totally cracked me up 😉

  2. Sara Wood

    Fuuun! Congrats to your friends, gotta love a non-crazy stress-free wedding, so much better for everyone. That dress is great, the print is super 40s-esque. There’s no reason to bring the oldies camping, I mean really.

    xo Sara

  3. in the ruins of Berlin

    you have such an exquisite taste in hats! love your pictures, xxx

  4. Jessica Cangiano

    You have the most delightfully lovely, fresh, fabulous style, dear Mary. I so love that you partnered this gorgeous 1990s floral frock with a classic pink 40s horsehair hat – I could totally see myself doing that, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. wardrobe experience

    this 90s dress look quite like a vintage piece … you paired it perfectly with the lovely hat. i have some easy 90s frocks aswell. they are for sure perfect for traveling …

  6. Tina Vines

    You looked lovely! The photo of you & Ben is so sweet…I just love it! xoxo

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