5 ways to decorate a bathroom with vintage



Here’s a little peek into my bathroom.  From a previous post where I showed you some of my little apartment you probably remember how much joy I get from decorating my place with all the little vintage bits and baubles that make me happy.  I guess that’s what living a vintage lifestyle is all about.  Want to inject some vintage happiness into your life?  Here are some tips.

1) Whatever you need in a bathroom – find it in vintage form! Need something to hold your cotton balls?  Use a vintage tea tin.  That old cute perfume bottle?  Have it hold your eyemakeup remover.  You’ve probably seen other vintage ladies use a lady head vase for makeup brushes, but how about using one as a toothbrush holder!  A vintage milk glass Jergen’s lotion dispenser is now my dish soap dispenser.  A vintage tiki mug (not pictured) now holds some of my everyday makeup.  Switching out all your bathroom containers is a great way to inject vintage into your bathroom in a functional way.


2) Vintage-ify your window dressings! You can search for the perfect barkcloth curtains, or the cutest vintage novelty print fabric with mermaids and make your own drapes, but I needed a curtain for my bathroom window pronto.  If you’re like me you have a bunch of vintage half aprons that you collected or inherited from your grandmother.  And half-aprons…. um, who actually wears those today?  Come on!  I’ve worn a couple maybe a couple times.  But they’re so cute!  So I had an aha moment when I was putting away the aprons — pin them together, I can see them everyday AND they’ll be like curtains!  Done and done.  Now I get to see my grandma’s cute handmade aprons everyday, and I love the way they look.  They really add to the girly wonderland that is my apartment.



3) Use those vintage towels! I know there are some people who are afraid to use vintage because you don’t want to wreck or stain them.  I’m not one of those people.  I like using items the way they were intended to be used and a great example of that are cute embroidered and appliqued hand towels.  Mix them in with your new towels for you and your guests to use and it’ll really standout.  Although not pictured in this manner, a favorite way to display the vintage towels are hanging over my bathtowels, folded over the towel rack.


4) Function-alize your vintage decor! I made the brooch display last year.  It’s such an easy DIY and so useful.  My brooch-wearing went up instantly this year because I saw them everyday when I was thinking about what to wear.   It’s a piece of art that you can wear.   So think of devoting some wall space in the same way with your necklaces, scarves, or other accessories.



5) Display your vintage ephemera! If you’re like me you have a hard time throwing out vintage packaging and you collect all kinds of quirky vintage ephemera.  Don’t stuff them in a drawer – put them out!   This little ledge above my sink was just an empty space before, but now it’s a little showcase of vintage cuteness – a blow-up hanger package, a glove soap booklet, and a hair net package, all sit on that little ledge.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  What do you have in your bathroom that you love?



  1. daphne

    Love this post!! saw the pic on instagram and had to check it out. I love my head vases and had my toothbrush in one but I now use a vintage lipstick holder. I 100% agree vintage items should be used so nice to see them being re-purposed:)

  2. Miss Fairchild

    Such fabulous ideas!

  3. Fran

    Some really fabulous ideas, I love the idea of using the vintage half aprons for curtains. You have some truely wonderful pieces lady. xx

  4. Jessica Cangiano

    What awesome, beautiful, and wholeheartedly creative ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this delightful bevy of vintage decor inspiration with us, honey.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. wardrobe experience

    your bathroom looks awesome! a bathroom like this isn’t possible if you shared it with a man. ;))))))

  6. Mary Van Note

    I’m so worried about that @wardrobeexperience when my boyfriend and I move in together. I like all my girly stuff!

  7. Evie

    Great ideas!!

  8. Mel

    Love, love the brooch display idea!

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