Fall in Love Friday – summer never ends

I really don’t want summer to end.  Proving this is everything I’ve been eyeing on the internet.  Here’s a little round-up:

Les Yeux sans Visage: Sretsis Fall 2013

Les Yeux Sans Visage posted some of the Sretsis Fall 2013 collection, and holy crap I’m in love with everything about this look.  I guess I’m not the only one not wanting to let go of Spring/Summer looks in the Fall.  Totally unnecessary side-note: I NEED THIS JACKET!

Stuff I loved and didn’t win on ebay:


1940s green striped sundress with embroidered flowers.  (source)

vtg 50s/60s trerry cloth swimsuit cover up - ladie's face with yarn eyelashes!

1950s/60s terry cloth swimsuit coverup with ladie’s face and yarn for eyelashes! (source)

And what I love on Etsy but can’t afford:

Yes We Have No Bananas.  Vintage Dangle Pin 1940s. Carved Celluloid &  Plastic.

1940s Bunch of bananas brooch (for sale here)

1930s Deco Jumpsuit 30s NOS NWT Deadstock

1930s Beach Pyjamas (for sale here)

SUMMER SALE - Rosalie - 1920's Pink Sun Hat Cloche with Horsehair Visor

1920s hat with horsehair visor (for sale here)

I was searching for the perfect vintage summer purse and I found one right at the end of summer:

Of course I find the perfect #summer #vintage purse at the end of summer. #loveit #fruit #raffia I'll use it until it's absolutely gray and rainy.

Found this baby at the Midway Antique Mall.  I’ll be using it until it’s absolutely gray and gloomy out, and hopefully that’s not for a long, long time!



  1. Jessica Cangiano

    Wonderful items, they really are pulsating with the spirit of summer. I was eyeing that ruffle sleeve 40s sundress on eBay this week, too. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m trying to save every last penny for our road trip to Calgary in two weeks, I would have been very tempted (it sold for such a good price, too, that even having said that, I’m kind of kicking myself for not bidding – oh well, responsibility won out and that’s worth something for sure).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Mary Van Note

    I think that’s what it did it for me too, Jessica. I go through phases of saving $ and binge spending. I was in a good saving phase when this one went to auction.

  3. Fran

    I LOVE those 1930s beach pajamas!!

  4. Hannah

    Oh my the coat is insane! x





    NATI from PURO VINTAGE blog

  6. wardrobe experience

    the purse is the perfect bag for summer … and i love the banana brooch. sadly summer might has left berlin already. it got a little chilly and rainy since the start of this week. still hoping for some warm fall days.

  7. Bethany Rose

    Crying because this is the most perfect summer outfit and it’s now autumn and it is raining and I am sad because I just want to wear daisies. My life is so hard.

    This comment is of the word vomit variety and I have no idea how to end it oh dear!

    But yes your blog is delightful and I hope you’re having a brilliant day :3

    Love Bethany


  8. Iwona

    Beautiful bag!!! Cool post:)

  9. Crystal Lee

    Love your taste! Drooling over that Sretsis coat. I hate when summer ends, but I’m trying to maintain a somewhat positive attitude so I don’t go into seasonal depression.

  10. Rosy

    I’ve linked one of your posts to my blog today, I hope this is okay with you. Thank you.

  11. Morning Waters

    Mary! Midway antiques is in my back yard!!! Shoot me an email next time you are in the Sacramento area and I will share my favorite thrifts for vintage stuff.
    Celtic Lass

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