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I finally got my first ’49er Pendleton jacket.   I’ve been keeping my eye out for awhile for one with colors that grabbed me.  I saw this one on ebay and I knew it was THE ONE.   I was drawn to the warm colors; mustard, red and navy blue.  I’ve definitely been in a comfort/casual phase as I’ve been actively trying to get more vintage casual pieces.   I want cottons, cozy knits, wool jackets….  I already purchased a second Pendleton jacket (one with knit sleeves!) and I’m looking into making my first Freddies of Pinewood jeans purchase (I hope they’ll be as good as I hear!).  I hope you all in the US have a fun and cozy Thanksgiving!





Vintage Pendleton jacket, 1960s jeans: Ebay
Minnetonka’s: Bill’s Footwear on Telegraph
bakelite ring, sweater: Thrifted



  1. Tina Vines

    love the cozy casual vintage style, it’s become my favorite as of late! This 49er is a great color..never seen that scheme. Great to spend some long awaited girl time with you Sunday..can’t wait for holiday craft night! xoxo

  2. likeatreeinthedesert

    Love your 49er! Looks fabulous on you! Same as Tina mentioned above, that is not a color combo I can remember seeing. It’s beautiful! Great find!

  3. Vinatge Vessel

    Ohh that’s a gorgeous colour combination! I have a pale blue & grey one which is nice for this time of year witha chunky jumper underneath xxx

  4. nancyworegreenstockings

    The jacket is fab and you look fab in it, but the wall of lovely hats and mannequin of brooches keep drawing my eyes away – please consider sharing some photos your lovely collections some day in the future!

  5. Hannah

    Perfect ensemble, adore the 49er jacket watching one myself on ebay and those moccasins are gorgeous x

  6. Emileigh

    This is a fabulous jacket! I love the colors too, and your whole look is just fabulously comfy-cute!

  7. Janey

    This is darling! Great, classic color combo! Looks fab on you!


  8. wardrobe experience

    great jacket! it looks fantastic on you!
    a pendelton jacket or cape is my desire. actually you can’t find them here in germany … so i tried to find one during my holidays in the states this summer. i four weeks i tried on almost 25 pendelton jackets (prize range between 8-120 dollars). every jacket came with moth holes, huge moth holes. moths love them for dinner!!!!

  9. retro rover

    what a lovely jacket and what a darling blog you have!


  10. Nicole Eymard

    CUUUUUUUUUUTE! The best colors on you! Miss you!

  11. Jessica

    The label is blue, which means its a mens coat. I see a lot more men’s 49ers than women’s and i’m always scared about how it will fit. But this looks fab, so i may take the plunge.

  12. Sara Wood

    Oooh, yes. Totally can see why this one was the winner. It’s the mustard that seals the deal. Aaaand your hat wall is taunting me. Because I need more hats. (lololol.)

    xo Sara

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