¡Three Amigas!

I finally had a weekend at home this past weekend and had one of those Sundays where I was in my pajamas until the afternoon, lazing about reading a graphic novel (Bone, and totally enjoying it by the way).  Then I tackled some DIY projects I’ve been meaning to do for some time now.  Like hemming a pair of rayon shorts from the 90s that have a very fun 40s-ish cowboy novelty print:

Just hemmed these shorts so I can wear them this summer. Doesn't the #cowboy #noveltyprint look #40s ? They're rayon shorts from the #90s

And making a necklace from vintage brooches and buttons!  Meet the Three Amigas:

Made a sombrero lady necklace from #vintage buttons and brooches! It's silly and I'm pretty happy with it.

The story with this is that I found one of the brooches at an antique store back in March 2013:

My #vintage #brooch #haul #novelty wooden horse and sombrero lady, felt flower corsage.

And once upon a time I was trolling ebay for wooden brooches (the way other people play candy crush, that’s me on ebay) when lo and behold I saw a listing for two identical sombrero ladies to the one sombrero lady I already had.  The idea for a necklace was born!

I then discovered wooden sombrero shaped buttons, and found a listing of those on ebay that happened to come with a few painted Mexican-themed buttons.  Now, in addition to finding all the decorative pieces, I had to think about the type of chain.  I bought 3 versions of black plastic and metal chains, hoping to find one that mimicked the bakelite and celluloid necklaces we all love from the 40s.  But I wasn’t satisfied, and couldn’t find the right chain!  Fast forward to Sunday when I had my sewing/craft chest open while I was hemming the shorts, I saw all the parts to this un-made necklace and thought, heck. Let’s just try this with what I got.  And actually, it worked out better than I imagined!

While researching how I could do this, I found these brooch converters.  They’re pretty ingenious, though kind of expensive.  I didn’t end up ordering them, but it’s neat to know they exist.

I ended up using a 7mm chain I got from Delish Beads on Etsy.  And although the chain wasn’t as chunky as a 40s celluloid version, the size actually worked in my favor because the links are small enough to hold a brooch pin in place.  I simply pinned the brooches onto the chain!  It works really well and it’s easy to take off if I ever just want to wear one of the brooches as a brooch.  The sombrero buttons got jump ring’d onto the chain, and the smaller buttons I actually sewed onto the chain, which I might change eventually by gluing a loop onto the backs.



Voila!  That’s how my Three Amigas necklace was born.  I might try setting up a plain chain necklace for sporting other brooches as pendants whenever I feel like it!



  1. Elisa

    That necklace turned out amazing! Well done!!!

  2. Charmaine

    Your necklace turned out amazing! I wish I were more handsy – sadly this lass has to talent for making shit. I also love your tiki outfit! Stylish lady!

  3. Marija

    Three amigas turned out fabulously, dear!


  4. Jessica Cangiano

    Very cool! The vintage lover and jewelry maker in me both adore this whimsical, smile inducingly fun creation to no end.

    ♥ Jessica

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