October Wedding



October in the West has become the new Spring.  It seems like SO MANY weddings were scheduled this month.  Maybe with global warming October is becoming the nicest weather option.  Who knows the reason, but I went to 2 weddings in 1 week this month!  I was excited to attend my friend Alicia’s wedding at the Falkirk Mansion in San Rafael, CA.  Not only is San Rafael my hometown, but I have many a memory of visits to this iconic San Rafael Victorian.  It was a delight to revisit the mansion, and party in it!  Now that I own a Victorian house I’m especially interested in how these historic homes are decorated.  I was Ooo-ing and Ahh-ing over this mansion’s stained glass windows and PINEAPPLE WALLPAPER!!!!  WHAT!!!



The bride and groom were beautiful, and sadly I wasn’t able to get a good photo of them.  It seemed the professional photographers were doing a really good job, so I didn’t make much attempts to get shots of the happy couple.  But I assure you, the bride was GORGEOUS in a dress she made herself from SCRATCH!  Insane.

Sheer mesh navy blue 50s dress with applique: Etsy via Cut & Paste Vintage
40s/50s wide brim hat with leaf cut-outs: Benicia Antique Mall
Suede Heels: Seychelles via Amazon
Custom chain-stitched embroidered cluth: Vines of California
Abalone ring/bracelet: ebay

I don’t know about you guys, but weddings have become a great excuse to buy a new dress!  Ha ha, well that’s what I told myself.  When I saw this dress first on Instagram I just went absolutely weak.  I also told myself it was a birthday present to myself.  Oh the excuses we make for vintage!


IMG_2071   IMG_2084IMG_2114

I had just gotten a hair cut and I like how pixie-esque it’s looking in this bathroom selfie. I also had to document the wallpaper in this bathroom, it was just too sweet.


I was excited for the hat-portunity of an outdoor wedding!  I even got Ben to wear one with me.



I’m looking forward to playing around with this sheer dress.  So many different ways to wear it with different colored slips and underthings!


Stay tuned, I got another wedding post coming soon!


  1. Jessica Cangiano

    Oh my word, that hat is jaw droppingly incredible! I too have noticed how fall has become the new late spring for weddings. It’s a cool shift and I can’t help but feel a bit ahead of the trend, as I was married in October eleven years ago (I’d always wanted to be a fall bride my whole life).

    You look so fabulous!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. bonita

    Oh, that hat! wow! The dress is gorgeous too, but that hat really is something else! I’m always making excuses for buying more vintage; who really needs a vintage 1950s tulle evening gown? Oh, that’s right ~ me! For my birthday party of course! ;P

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

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