one of a thousand Rosie the Riveters

I forgot to share this on the blog, but back in August I participated in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record of “The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as a Rosie the Riveter” in Richmond, CA with my friends Tina and Alice.  We broke the record that day with 1,084 women dressed as the famous WWII icon, with some in attendance who were real Rosies in the war!  Our record has already been beat in Michigan where 2,097 Rosies gathered, but this just means we’ll have some friendly competition for next year.






This photo doesn’t even capture all the Rosies who were there!  Here’s a nice little video about the event:


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  1. Jessica Cangiano

    So awesome! These are such cool events and a fabulous way to help keep the incredible roll that women like Rosie and her countless peers had on the war effort in the public eye.

    ♥ Jessica

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