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Biking and Antiquing

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Ever since my boyfriend picked me up a bike in Sacramento, my favorite thing has been pedaling around to flea markets and thrift shops.  There was one day I did a Sacramento thrift shop bike tour.   Of course it ended up being the hottest day in Sacramento that day and I went through several bottles of water, but it was a blast.  I’m certain I’ll be doing that again and I’ll be sure to document it here.  It’s starting to get real cold in California, but that didn’t stop me and my boyfriend from biking to the 57th Street Antique Row.




red London Fog jacket: thrifted
gray dress, leggings: Ross and Macy’s
boots: ebay
vintage hat: Cordelia Junction Antique Mall

I neglected to take any photos at the antique shops.  We were too distracted by all the amazing things!  I managed to pick up a 1940s hat for $5, and Ben found something that made us both laugh.  He promptly hung it in his kitchen when we got home.



vintage girl bike style

Friday, August 21st, 2015

jord watch bike 009

A couple months ago I moved 25 miles North to the top of the Bay.  I knew was in for a lifestyle change becoming a homeowner, but I was a bit ill-prepared on how it would effect my personal style.  I used to drive to work daily, which meant I could dress up to my heart’s content, and wear shoes that click clacked down the office hallway.  Now I bike and take the ferry to the office, having bought a cheap men’s bike off Craigslist to use for my commute. The non step-through frame means I can’t wear my usual go-to of circle skirts and dresses. I have to wear items like *GASP* pants and *ANOTHER GASP* cotton t-shirts.  It’s been a struggle to find the right outfits that still make me feel like me.

jord watch bike 028

Luckily I’m starting to get a bit more savvy in the commuter style department.  I felt pretty good in this number, being that it was mostly vintage.  And something I need to remember is that red lipstick ALWAYS makes me feel glamorous, no matter what I’m wearing!

Blouse: Vintage from Held Over on Haight
50s jeans: from OLL FB group
Sunflower print sneakers: Vans
Bakelite rings and bangles: various sources – from Ebay, to Relic Vintage on Haight
Wood watch: Fieldcrest in Maple, c/o Jord
Backpack: Jansport
Sunglasses: Prada knockoffs from a shop in Alameda

jord watch bike 068

I might as well call that backpack vintage, because it’s my backpack from high school!  All original patches from that era of my life!  And FYI Jansport has a lifetime guarantee.  I had kept this for a long time even when the zipper broke because it was special to me with all those patches sewn on.  When I learned about their guarantee I sent it in to Jansport and they fixed it for free!  I love that I’m able to use it again.

jord watch bike 074

It was also great timing when Jord asked if I wanted to review one of their watches for my blog.  Now that I have ferries to catch, I needed a timepiece that I could wear daily that would go with everything.  I couldn’t be happier with the watch I chose, the maple Fieldcrest. I love that it is subtle yet boldly unique. Their sizing instructions made it easy to ensure a perfect fit.

jord watch bike 078

Any ideas on what I can wear on the bike? Lately I’ve been eyeing 1960s scooter dresses with the built-in shorts. And I’ve even been searching for 1980s jumpsuits! Here’s to new sartorial challenges in life!


*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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