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Gatsby Summer Afternoon 2015

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

It was my first time attending the Art Deco Society’s Gatsby Summer Afternoon and it did not disappoint! In fact it was really rough returning to work in a cubicle on Monday in my bike-to-work schlumpiness.  Everything is so ugly after Gatsby!  I almost didn’t appreciate it enough while I was there, being around so much BEAUTY!


The amazingness of what I wore really looks better in motion, so I made a GIF!  These photos were taken on my new porch before I left for Gatsby.  I was so excited to finally wear a genuine 1920s silk dress that I found at Goodwill for 8 freakin’ dollars!!!! It required wearing a bra that minimized my bust, but oh so worth it.


1920s hot pink dress: thrifted at Goodwill
bust minimizing bra: Soma Intimates
six suspender garter belt: Rago, with vintage stockings
1920s embroidered and ribbonwork straw cloche: RubyLane
velvet millinery flower sash: ebay
vintage parasol: bought with trade credit at Buffalo Exchange
1920s lapis ring: gift from boyfriend; and lapis bracelet: ebay
MIA heels: Bunny’s Shoes, Santa Cruz
lip: Strawberry Kissed, Sephora lip stain
antique fan and purse: flea market


Every year the Gatsby picnic is held at the beautiful Dunsmuir Hellman Estate in Oakland, CA.  I was able to tour the inside of the huge mansion, and sneak some photos.







My friend Andrea was my Gatsby tour guide.  She’s attended the event regularly, and also knew some people at picnics we could crash.  After drinking some bourbon offered from a vintage seller friend I told Andrea that I was hoping Gatsby would be a fancy equivalent to Burning Man, where people share food and libations.  And sure enough it was.  This is MY Burning Man!!!





This guy was giving personality tests from a 1920s era book.  It was hilarious, and I was actually amazed at how accurate my result was (except for the Mussolini part, ha ha!).  I need to find this book for dinner party fun!






At one point I saw Tziporah Salamon walk by and I called out, “I love you!  I follow you on Instagram!”  And then I literally followed her to get a picture with her.  She was totally sweet and said we did the whole Gatsby thing way better out here than in New York.  I was able to thank her for all the inspiration she has given me.  Like the beautiful ribbon she has tied to the pant leg of her 1920s Asian pajamas…. this is her bike riding outfit!  I’m totally stealing that idea.


You can officially call me a Gatsby convert, that event is straight-up MAGICAL! I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!