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Back from the Dead (in more ways than one)

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

I’ve had this video on private for 3 years now. Mostly because it shows me crying like a baby. I also regret my behavior that evening, but, you know, I made the video. And it truly is an expression of how I felt at that moment. It’s also one of the only videos that showcase my Grandma being her lovable self, she passed away January 3, 2009. I miss her so much.  Anyway, here it is, back from the dead:


pastoral leaves and acorns

Friday, November 28th, 2014


I hope all of you fellow Americans had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I spent it in Sebastopol at my Aunt’s house, where she lives across the street from a field of grazing cattle.  I can’t think of a more scenically appropriate place to spend Thanksgiving!


The vintage purse and bakelite clamper watch are early Christmas presents from my boyfriend, they were pieces that were being sold by my friend at my Vintage Pinball Style event.  So I totally got first dibs, muahha ha ha!  And surprisingly my boyfriend said, “That’s a cool purse,” before he even knew I had put it aside for myself.



It was my first time out in these Poetic Licence shoes, and I couldn’t be happier.  I definitely chose the right colorway, they will match so many of my outfits.  Plus, the low heels make them great for work and walking around town.



The acorn brooch was my grandmother’s and it’s become a Thanksgiving tradition to wear it along with my 1940s felt leaves hat.  I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this hat on every Thanksgiving since I acquired it.  It’s pretty much the most perfect hat for Thanksgiving.


1950s autumn colors floral dress with rhinestones on the neckline and back: scored it at a friend’s clothing swap party (Thanks Rita!)
1940s brown jacket: Skirt Chaser Vintage at the SF Vintage Expo
belt: from a F21 dress
1940s felt leaves hat, yellow bakelite initial ring: ebay
Bakelite clamper watch, purse, lapis deco ring: gifts from my boyfriend
Poetic Licence Whiplash oxfords c/o

Have a great holiday weekend!


a home sweet home thanksgiving

Friday, November 27th, 2015

My boyfriend and I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time in our new home yesterday for 13 family and friends.

006 - Copy

I didn’t have much time to decorate but I remembered I had this 1940s silk scarf with a Thanksgiving theme. I loved having it on display. It’s such a piece of art.

009 - Copy

003 - Copy

I actually found our mix matched vintage glasses endearing.

013 - Copy

I didn’t know what I was going to wear, but I knew I had to continue my tradition of wearing this 1940s fall leaves hat. Here’s me wearing the hat in 2010, 2011 and 2014!


I went with a comfortable dress with fall colors (the belt came off before the feast, of course).


70s floral dress: Thunderhorse vintage in Sacramento (RIP)
1940s felt leaves NY Creation hat: ebay
Minnetonka Women’s Thunderbird Moccasin: via a shoe shop in Berkeley, CA
Bakelite bangles and ring: via ebay, thrifted and bought with trade credit at Relic Vintage
vintage handpainted shell Indian chief brooch: via The East Bay Center for Creative Reuse
vintage celluloid leaves earrings: from an antique mall in Beaverton, Oregon




Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday growing up and yesterday reminded me of why that is; being surrounded by loved ones and amazing food and drinks. Looking forward to many years to come of warm Thanksgivings in this home of ours. I hope my American readers had a great day as well. Now excuse me, I’m going to unpack all my Christmas decorations.